Choose Your Meat Box

Carefully curated for a culinary adventure honouring the lives of our beef cattle. Savour simple ground beef, melt-in-your-mouth steaks, and tender slow cooking cuts, all while knowing that every bite helps to improve the lives of bull calves from the dairy industry. Join us on this meaningful journey, where flavour and compassion unite to create a brighter future for farm animals. 

Each box contains about 20 lbs of beef with a balance of ground (like burgers and sausages), steaks (like ribeyes and sirloins), and slow cuts (like roasts and ribs)

Thoughtfully selected to entice you into savouring the exquisite flavours of a diverse range of ethically sourced beef, turkey, pork, and seafood. Perfect for those who love variety at dinner time, and with each meal, increasing the demand for animal agriculture as a whole to improve. Indulge in a truly remarkable culinary experience where compassion, convenience, health, and taste seamlessly blend together. 

Each box has around 20 lbs of all your favourite meats from pork sausages to salmon fillets and from turkey drums to ground beef.

This unique offering allows you to choose a selection of your favorite ethically sourced meats. Embrace the freedom to choose from a diverse range of beef, turkey, pork, and seafood from our storefront, all delivered directly to your doorstep. By handpicking your preferred cuts, you ensure that every meal not only satisfies your cravings but also increases the demand for improved animal agriculture practices. 

This is your opportunity to craft a culinary adventure that celebrates your individual palate and values.